Due to the extremely abrasive nature of today’s glass filled polymers as well as contaminates normally associated with post consumer recycling, Rotogran now offers a new option for ware resistance to our granulators. Rotogran has designed a system whereby the wear areas of the granulator chamber are fitted with removable inserts. These inserts can be replaced without disassembling the entire granulator chamber. This operation can be performed in less time than a typical blade change.

  • Inserts are located at both sides of the rotor and at the wear points of the backplate leading into the bottom stationary blade area.

  • Inserts can be provided without any protective coating for use as a consumable product, or they can be tungsten carbide coated for extended life.

  • Rotogran inserts are coated with a layer of tungsten carbide applied with a high velocity oxygen fuel process (superior to the typical plasma process that is commonly used) that fuses the tungsten carbide particles to the steel insert with extremely high density and negligible porosity.  Typical hardness of the tungsten coating is 65 Rockwell “C”.

  • To minimize downtime, a spare set of inserts can be kept on hand right next to the spare blades.

Variable Speed Drive:

Rotogran is experiencing great success with our constant torque drive variable speed drive granulators and is proud to have many units now operating in the field. The variable speed drive units are performing without incident and are proving to be rock solid just like the construction of the units they power.

Variable speed drive benefits our customers with the resources to custom tune their granulator to produce the best quality regrind while reducing power consumption and noise levels when compared to a conventional fixed speed granulator. Different material s require different speeds for optimum balance between regrind characteristics and heat generation.

Unlike low speed granulators which can only benefit the customer with lower noise levels and reduced fines in the regrind, Rotogran’s variable speed granulators also allow our customers the freedom to step up the pace and get away from the limiting attributes and low throughput constraints inherent to low speed designs.

Through our ongoing testing of the variable speed drive concept, we found that particle size can be controlled through rotor speed without changing the classifying screen hole size. This allows Rotogran customers another measure of control over the characteristics of their regrind.

With the addition of a second flywheel, the granulator has an increased reserve capacity to overcome shock loads due to hand feeding of parts.

Additional benefits to variable speed granulation include extended blade and chamber life, and reduced heat generation.

As oil prices rise so does the value of plastic regrind. Rotogran recognizes an emerging trend of recyclers demanding rugged solidly built equipment that will withstand the extremely harsh conditions they face. They are not interested in fancy bells and whistles, but only in quality, reliability, and production. Recyclers seem to prefer the durability and value of older refurbished equipment rather than risk failure associated with inexpensive offshore products. The ability to source parts and quickly return to production when a disaster strikes is crucial to their survival.

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