The construction of our Granulators and Grinders

For over 20 years we have been one of the leading manufacturers of size reduction equipment for an array of industries. Our grinders, shredders and granulators are present in many paper / cardboard, plastic, metal and wood recycling facilities. We design shredders, grinders and granulators designed for the reprocessing of scrap into regrind. Our machines are able to process any sort of plastic regarding its size or shape. This is achieved by combining our revolutionary granulator design with a high quality sturdy build.

  • Our machines are able to fine grind any plastic in a matter of second; this is largely due to our unique twin solid steel flywheels. Everything is precisely calculated to make the granulating process a brisk and elementary process.

  • Just like shredders and granulators and shredders, grinders are designed to take large objects and break or shred them down to smaller size pieces. When choosing between the three, many aspects need to be revised and taken into consideration.

  • “How often will the machine be used? What will you be granulating with the machine? What’s your budget?” and much more.

  • Our granulators and grinders are able to process almost anything made from some variation of plastic.

More Sturdy and Durable:

When designing a granulator we use exclusively top of line grade steel, this makes the machine more sturdy and durable. Our engineers design a granulator, which is then built as a prototype, we then test the granulator with every material we can.

We take all the results into consideration and improve the granulator accordingly, this test and upgrade cycle continues until we are completely satisfied with the result. The end result is a durable, efficient, affordable and quick granulator that can process almost any material.

Every part of the machine is designed to deliver the best possible results.

The cutting chamber is a heavy-duty one-piece weldment, making it rigid, smooth and easy to clean. It is also available in non-tangential feed, stainless steel, abrasion resistant, and has an option for water-cooled cutting chambers.

The rotor is made from heavy-duty steel; it has double scissor cutting action on the rotor and bed blades. This assures positive cutting with minimum fines, and lower torque requirements. The blades are also micro adjustable allowing for an adjustable size of scrap. The open rotor design allows air to pass through the rotor meaning it won’t overheat and will be more efficient.

The bases for all of our machines are constructed and reinforced using heavy grade steel. The steel panels are also sound insulated to produce minimal noise when the machine is in use.

The hopper has a double wall construction making the granulator more durable. The hopper is also attached using two single pivot points, this way its easy to have full access to the machine from both the front and top.

Our granulators and grinders are thoroughly planned and masterfully constructed. This results in a machine that will always get the job done and last you years longer then any other competitor out there.


What others may consider top-of-the-line, we consider standard. Compare any other granulator with a Rotogran and the difference is obvious. We take great pride in designing and manufacturing to a higher standard, and to suit your needs. Quite simply, this is how we provide equipment that works the way it’s meant to work.

Rotogran has developed innovative features that have now become the standard in granulator designs through the industry. Our expertise is identifying and refining elements for increased throughput and efficiency has continually provided our clients with equipment that not only meets, but surpasses expectations.

Our granulators and grinders are able to process almost anything made from some variation of plastic, this includes:

  • Barrel Granulation / Grinding
  • Drum Granulation / Grinding
  • Film Granulation / Grinding
  • Bottle Granulation / Grinding
  • Pipe Granulation / Grinding
  • Custom Granulation / Grinding


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