The purpose of granulation is to create a solid building block that is consistent throughout, this way it can be used for future products. If not granulated and simply melted down, smaller plastic pieces will be more concentrated at the top, while larger plastic drums will stay at the surface of the mix, this results in inconsistency in the melted plastic. In order to eliminate any of these flaws, the plastic is firstly finely granulated.

  • Our granulators are single pass high capacity machines that are capable of processing any plastic into scrap. No matter the objects original shape or size, the granulators twin solid steel wheels are able to quickly and efficiently process it into fine scrap.

  • With twin solid steel flywheels all of our machines are able to effortlessly cut through plastics while maintaining rotor speed. This paired with a converging feeding chamber makes the entire granulating process more dynamic and immediate.

  • We make all of our machines easily accessible, so in need of fine adjustment you can access the blades from both the top of the machine as well as the front. This ensures that any maintenance and alteration can be done on the machine with ease. The machine can also be easily and speedily disassembled with nothing but a few basic tools.

Reliable, Easy to Operate and Maintain:

Besides being reliable, easy to operate and maintain we also design and assemble our machines in a way that they are efficient. Our Double scissor cutting design assures positive cutting with minimum fines, and lower torque requirements; meaning energy savings that easily add up. The open rotor design also allows cool air to circulate through the machine making it more efficient.

Through our ongoing testing of the variable speed drive concept, we found that particle size can be controlled through rotor speed without changing the classifying screen hole size. This allows Rotogran customers another measure of control over the characteristics of their regrind.

With the addition of a second flywheel, the granulator has an increased reserve capacity to overcome shock loads due to hand feeding of parts.

Additional benefits to variable speed granulation include extended blade and chamber life, and reduced heat generation.

Our machines are built to last, with:

  • Heavy-duty, SAE-1045 steel.
  • Double scissor cutting action on rotor and bed blades
  • Easily accessible Micro adjustable bed blades
  • Open rotor design
  • Heavy-duty steel casters
  • Heavy duty, self-aligning flanged cartridge bearings
  • Solid steel construction


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