The difference a high quality plastic shredder can make:

Just like granulators shredders are designed to take large objects and break or shred them down to smaller size pieces. Shredders can drastically range in size, from shredders that are designed to process plastic recycling to commercial shredders that shred truckloads of tires at a time.

  • The primary difference between granulators and shredders is the size of the scrap they produce. While granulators can produce small and fine pieces such as flakes and even powders, shredders produce scrap generally ranging from 1 inch and up.

  • Rotogran shredders are able to process virtually any material including plastics, wood, paper / cardboard, waste and even metal. The low speed and high torque construction makes the blades tear the material rather then cut it, this also means the machine is less likely to get damaged or break.

  • Just like our granulators, our shredders are built with easy access in mind. With panels that are simple to remove, you can get easy access to virtually any part of the machine. This makes replacing a part, and adjusting the distance between the plates is a simple process that should take mere minutes.

Our Shredders Have Different Size Options:

By making the plates adjustable our shredders have different size options. For example you cold move the plates further apart so larger pieces are created, or you could move them closer to end up with inch size scrap. The high torque design ensures that the shredder can easily shred even the toughest materials without slowing down or jamming. The machine can comfortably deal with metal and car tires.

In order to withstand daily usage on the factory floor and a lifetime of shredding tires and metal, our machines have been built, tested and redesigned countless of times. Our engineers have been adjusting the design to make it as dependable, lasting and efficient as possible. The result is a machine that will last years on any factory floor, no matter what the conditions are, our shredders will get the job done.

Please take a look at the photo gallery to get a better idea of the types of work that we do, such as:

  • Granulator Systems
  • Evacuation Systems
  • Blower/Cyclone Systems
  • Conveyors
  • Fines Separators
  • Shredders
  • Specialty Equipment


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